The versatile closure for individual applications of all kinds. The intelligent design of LOXX® with its springy interior and the selection of the highest quality materials allow for a wide range of applications in the most diverse situations. No other closure is better suited for secure fastening of all kinds under extreme conditions while at the same time being so easy to use. In order to still look good, we offer a wide range of designs and are always happy to meet customer requirements. For more information please visit our website.

LOXX® the ingenious closure with the springy inner life

For more than 60 years, LOXX® has been an indispensable solution in the marine industry for the quick and secure fastening of all canopies, sprayhoods, biminis and covers. Whether for sun or rain protection, wind or storm cover, protective tarpaulin or protective cover: the simplest, fastest and safest fastening solution is this ingenious quick release fastener! We are constantly developing our repertoire further, so that we always have innovative fastening possibilities for your boat at hand! 

The intelligent and unique construction of the LOXX® top part with its springy inner life and the selection of high-quality materials used for its manufacture allow for a particularly safe handling of your instrument - even under extreme stress!At the same time, LOXX® offers the easiest handling. Once the LOXX® ball pin is screwed on to the guitar or bass, the strap can be attached to it with one hand and released again very easily.

Who would have thought that a small but smart buckle, known until then to only a few experts from the marine sector, would become an indispensable accessory in the fashion world within a few years? Today, LOXX® is used wherever high-quality materials combine to form an exclusive whole. Whether as a bag fastener, connecting element for belts, security-relevant button, lock against theft or simply as an accessory for your key ring, for example: LOXX® as a high-quality quick release fastener enhances your product.

Connecting securely with each other, but releasing them quickly from each other, is a feature that very few fastening solutions offer. With our ingenious LOXX® fastener, which in the non-fabric version has all teeth crimped over (available as standard), the industry has discovered a new way of connecting solid materials with each other. Our technical innovations, as well as our constant search for innovative solutions impress and inspire renowned industrial customers, who enthusiastically incorporate LOXX® as a connecting element in their product and even apply for a patent as a complete invention. We would be pleased to advise you when it comes to finding your fastening solution with LOXX®.


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