LOXX® closes and locks automatically. The perfectly designed stainless steel spring (similar to a tow-bar) fits snugly around the standardized ball head of the lower part. The smart mechanism will not open unless the cap of the upper part is lifted and the ball head is released. LOXX® is reliable in its use, it is manufactured sustainably and surprises time and again with its innovative design. For more informations please visit our Website.


LOXX® the ingenious closure with the springy inner life

For the last 60 years, LOXX® has been an essential solution for quick and secure fastening of tarpaulin, spray hoods, bimini tops and canopies on boats. For sunblinds or rain shields, wind screens and storm covers, for tarpaulin covers or protection covering: this ingenuous fastener is the easiest, quickest and safest fastening solution! We are constantly enhancing our repertoire in order to find the perfect fastening solution for your boat!

Even under extreme use, the carefully thought out construction and the high quality materials inside of LOXX® ensure a safe handling of your instrument. At the same time, LOXX® is totally easy to install. By screwing the LOXX® ball pin into your guitar, you can fasten and unfasten your strap with just one hand. .

LOXX® - an accessorie conquers the lifestyle world! Who would have thought that a small but very smart fastener, at the time only known by a minority of marine experts, would become an essential accessory for the fashion world within only a few years? Today, you will find LOXX® applied where high-quality materials unite to form an exclusive ensemble. Whether as fastener for bags (Oberwerth Germany), as a connection for straps, as protection against theft, or simply as an accessory for your key chain: the high quality snap fastener LOXX® increases the value of your product.

LOXX® - Since 1928 produced in Germany! This ingenious safety lock was developed as fastening solution for convertible soft tops in England more than 90 years ago. German automobile manufacturers wanted higher quality; therefore the safety lock was not imported from England, but manufactured in Germany by Schaeffer – today Schaeffertec – as “DER ORIGINAL-KNOPF” from 1928 till the end of the 1950s. Between the 1960s and 2013, the button was known under another name. Although it was Schaeffer, and later Schaeffertec, who manufactured and enhanced the safety lock with their know-how, due to a trademark dispute Schaeffertec cannot use that trade name anymore. Since 2014, following these trademark issues, Schaeffertec manufactures the safety lock under the trade name LOXX®. The place of production, as it always has been, is Germany. Since then, LOXX® is again available as “DER ORIGINAL-KOPF” – back to the roots! (See the section after the next.) Vintage car enthusiasts will love “DER ORIGINAL-KNOPF“ that was brought back in its original design. With this original button your vintage convertible will be brought closer to its history…eliably, but to release easily, this is a feature not too many fasteners have. With our fantastic LOXX® fastening system, in the non-fabric-version as a standard with completely bended teeth, the industry discovers a new way to connect stiff materials. Our technical developments and our permanent search for innovative solutions impress and inspire well-respected industry customer who install LOXX® as a connecting element on their product. Some of them have even patented their entire invention. It would be a pleasure for us to advise you and to find your own fastening solution with LOXX®.

LOXX® - Since 1928 produced in Germany!

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